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Dan Pohlabel,

Owner of Kreativ Solutions, LLC

I started shooting an air rifle at 10 years old, still shoot an air rifle for practice along with a small bore rifle.  I started shooting F/TR in 2009 and was immediately hooked on long range shooting. I shot my first Team Match in 2011 at the F-Class Nationals in Lodi, WI.  We won a silver medal for 2ndplace and I realized that I enjoyed shooting Team competition more than individually.  I’ve been fortunate to shoot with some great shooters and be successful in Team shooting both nationally and internationally.

My background is in the machining and tooling industry, I’ve been very fortunate there as well. Worked with and learned from some really successful people along the way. When I began shooting I started making some of my own components, learning by trial and error what worked well on the rifles. Our products are solutions to problems that every shooter faces in competition.

Our company mission is to provide “Simple solutions that really work”!

Giving Back
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